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In 2010, Omar Diaz V. founded PERU BIRDING TOURS EIRL with nothing more than inspiration and a burning desire to create an authentic, sustainable travel experience by offering birding, photografhy and nature tours in Peru. Years later, he still leading, organizing tours with some time for teaching about neotropical birds and conservation along his birding way. And the only thing that hasn’t changed is his passion for birds, photografhy and nature to inspire him to keep running tours for past and new friends clients.

Join him for your amazing birding time. - TOUR CALENDAR

Peru Birding Tours headquearter is located in Puerto Maldonado. We offer custom and fixed-dates tours and we promote conservation, environmental education with responsible ecotourism in benefit of the areas we run our tours.

We designed our tours choosing the best birding areas, lodges with great accomodations providing private land and boat transportation.

PBT is spreading and offering tours along South America: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina.

Cloud forest lodge  - Manu road Boat trip  - Alto Madre de Dios Chontachaca Mirador - Manu Road Sandoval Lake -  Tambopata Reserve
Northern Peru - Jaen Machu Picchu Time Lomas de Lachay - Lima Birding Manu Rainforest - Canopy Tower

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