Omar Diaz

He borned in Puerto Maldonado. He is a Tour Guide with licence to work in national reserve all over Peru. Then he finished his Masters Degree in Environmental Development. He worked for lodges in Tambopata, Manu, Brazil and Bolivia. He had some experience teaching students in universities in his home town about tropical birds, behaviors, migrations and vocalizations which he can ID species only by calls, flights and habitat. He has seen around 1750 species only in peru.  Now he is spending his time organizing and leading tours around Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Panana for the moment. He published bird plates for Tambopata and He is working on a bird photo guide Peru Birds and Colors, he hopes to finish very soon. 

Cesar Bollaty

Cesar borned in Puerto Maldonado. He is widely regarded as one of the finest peruvian bird guide, with truly remarkable field skills, including very extensive knowledge of bird vocalizations. Cesar was voluntary in the Macaw and Giant River Otter projects in Manu & Tambopata Reserves. Cesar has being working for many years as a nature and birding Guide at Tambopata and Manu. He is specialized in leading bird and photografhy tours along Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador. He speaks fluently English. 

Alfredo Diaz

He was born in  Puerto Maldonado. Then he has been to Japan for 15 years after his high school for working. On his years working around Japan he learned fluent Japanese, Portugues, Tagalog and English. Then he decided to come back to Peru to study Bussiness Admistrator. As he is a cousin of Omar Diaz he started to travel with him for birding tours in Lima and Alfredo really fall in love with birds and nature. After 3 years accompanying the tours he is leading some tours in Lima also. 



Jesus Cieza

Bird and Nature Tour Guide who has been working as a freelance for some Bird Companies. He was part of the team who run the first Birding Rally Challenge done in southeastern Peru in 2012, he also spotted pictured and documented with Omar Diaz White-Banded Mockingbird, a hypothetic bird for Peru before. He now works for himself giving his best to assure your trip turn unforgettable. A birding Guide who enjoy sharing birding tips with people who also love this passion, learning from each trip and adding joy to the team.

Henry Gonzales

He is from Tarapoto. He studied Tourism Management. He specialized as a guide for birds and nature. He started to train as a guide since 2007. He worked as a researcher and assistant of ornithology by the NGO Asociacion Ecosistemas Andinos (ECOAN) along San Martin and Amazonas. He also worked with the world expert in Macaws Thomas Arndt and recently with NGO Naturaleza y Cultura Peru to search an endemic specie: White Masked Antbird with purposes of conservation and ecotourism. He has ability to identify birds by its vocalizations and quick display with a big knowledge along  Northern Peru. He speaks fluently English

Saulo Lima

He is from Cusco and graduated as a Tour Guide in cusco also. He is certificate to guide in reserves and national parks in Peru. He was working for 7 years along Manu reserve leading nature tours and birding tours for some ecolodges along Manu Reserve. Now is part of our team for leading tours along Machu Picchu & Manu. He was trained by omar Diaz and field craft birders. He is becoming a top-notch guide leading tours. Birding is his passion guivig his best to assure amazing trip. He speaks fluently Quechua and English.