How to book your tour


  • You have to choose the right tour for you according your preference.
  • After you decided which tour, dates, month and year.
  • Send an email to us and between 5 days we will confirm you.
  • Then we will send you our booking form which you have to fill it and send us back between 5 days.
  • As soon as we have your booking form we will ask for a first deposit which is usually 50% from the total price or you can do full payment if you prefer.

About the Payments: There are two options

1. You can use ours Visa Payment online and it will take less than 5 minutes but Visa charge 10%.

2. You can do a deposit to our Manager Personal Bank account which we will send you the information if you need it.

  • As soon as we have the booking form and payment, we will send you a reference itinerary, check list and some extra information for the trip.

Have a nice birding time!