Barbet & Antbird

We inte you to join us to thsi expetional adventure to get some of the most wanted spaecies and only found t this location. For the scarlet-bande barbet, there is a small village to see it! and much closer but still some long drive in a bumpy road for 6 hours around to reach the place. But if you are okay with a long 4WD drive, basic place to sleep your are welcome to do this awesome adventure for great birds.

The second option is for some of the most rare and wanted species: white-masked antbird, black-necked continga and black bushbird. We provide also the chance to do it with light aircraft from Yurimaguas town to san Lorenzo place




  • Day 1:  Birding drive to Bellavista

Early drive to Bellavista after with stop at the dry scrub of  Quebrada Upaquihua for: Huallaga Slaty Antshrike, Ashy-headed Greenlet, Planalto Hermit, Rufous Casiornis, Mishana Tyrannulet, Comb Duck, Stripe-chested Antwren and others. Overnight in Bellavista Hotel 

  • Day 2: 4WD Drive to Plataforma

Early drive to start our adventure. On the way we shall look for Napo Sabrewing which recently has been seen along the road among other species. night in plataforma basic accomodation.

  •  Day 3: Scarlet Banded Barbet search

Early start looking for Scarlet-banded Barbet which is our main target and there is a new Antbird for peru to find here also. other birds to find here: Chestnut-tipped Toucanet, Scaled, Fiery-throated and Scarlet-breasted Fruiteaters, the foothill race of Long-tailed Woodcreeper, Grey-tailed Piha, Rose-fronted Parakeet, Foothill and Slaty Antwren, Rufous-breasted Antthrush, Scaled Antpitta, Foothill Schiffornis, Short-tailed Antthrush, Ash-browed and Chestnut-throated Spinetails, Yellow-throated Spadebill, Yellow-cheeked Becard, Andean Lanisoma, Roraiman Flycatcher and Jet, Yungas and Blue-rumped Manakin, Gray-mantled Wren, and many tanagers such as Blue-browed, Golden-eared and Straw-backed Tanagers. At night we can search for Vermiculated Screech-Owl and Band-bellied Owl. Overnight in plataforma basic accomodation.

  •  Day 4: Drive back to Tarapoto.

We will have an additional birding in the morning if necessary. Then we wil drive to tarapoto but we will stop on the way down for some species. We will arrive late afternoon to tarapoto. If you stay in tarapoto we can reserve a hotel or we can transfer to the airport for your flight to lima.


  • Day 1:  Tarapoto-Yurimaguas.

We will start our birding day up the tunnel area which great for local Dotted Tanager, Purplish Euphonia and Blackish Pewee, Wattled Guan, Cock of the Rock, Cliff Flycatcher and tanager flocks and on the way searching the area we will arrive the hummingbird feeders at Aconabikh reserve: Kopeckes Hermit and Goulds Jewelfront and others hummingbirds. There is also a trail for Golden-headed Manakin and white-plumed antbird.  Then we keep driving to Yurimaguas town. Overnight in hote.

  •  Day 2: Flight from Yurimaguas to San Lorenzo

We will flight arund 7 AM the earliest. when we arrive to San lorenzo village we will do some birding for the rest of the day and we hope to find White-Masked Antbird, Black-necked Red-Cotinga and other ones. Night in in San Lorenzo.

  •  Day 3: Full day at San Lorenzo area

Early birding along San Lorenzo area.  We will try to find an antswarm for White-maskd  Antbird: Green-tailed Goldenthroat, White-eared Jacamar, Black Bushbird, Lunulated Antbird, Short-billed Leaftosser, Three-striped Flycatcher, Black-necked Red Cotinga and Western Striped and White-crowned Manakins. Night in San Lorenzo.

  •  Day 4: Flight to Yurimaguas and drive to Bellavista.

we will have an early morning birding before we return to Yurimaguas by plain and there we will drive to tarapoto. 


Have a nice trip!

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PRICE PER PERSON For Barbet US$ 1200.00   
PRICE PER PERSON For Antird US$ 1200.00  
NOTE If you are a bigger group number or prefer a private tour, please let us know.  
TOUR PACE & WALKING Easy to moderate and steeps walks 
EASY OF BIRDING Moderate with some challenging species
INCLUDE hotel, lodge, full meals, soft drinks, entrance fee, private transport, driver and birding guide
NOT INCLUDE International/domestic flights, any alcoholic drinks, laundry, phone calls, extra activities 


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Peru Birding Web
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