Magdalena & Santa Marta 19 days

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  • DAY 1: Arrival to Bogota International Airport

We will welcome to Colombia and you will be transfer to our hotel selected in Bogota.

  • DAY 2: Chicaque Natural Park 

Today we will visit Chicaque Natural Reserve, there there some great species at hummingbird feeders. Then we will travel to Ibague city  at the end of the day. birds of the days: Flavescens Flycatcher, Brown-billed Scytebill, Flame-faced Tanager, Smoky Bush-Tyrant, Grass-green Tanager, Blackish Tapaculo, Andean Pygmy-Owl, Glowing Puffleg, Pale-naped Brush-Finch, Streak-capped Treehunter, Strong-billed Woodcreeper, Golden-bellied Starfrontlet, Matorral Tapaculo, Golden-fronted Whitestart, Rufous-breasted Flycatcher, Moustached Brush-Finch and may more. Night in Ibague Hotel

  •  DAY 3: Nevado del Tolima National Park, San Jorge Botanical Garden

We will visvit the Nevado del Tolima, El Silencio, Juntas locations and we will visit also the hummingbird feeders in Ukuku Lodge. In the afternoon we will look for birds in San Jorge Botanical Garden close to Ibague city. birds of the day: Spillmanns Tapaculo, Ocellated Tapaculo, Black-collared Jay, Buff-breasted Mountain-Tanager, Masked Saltator, Golden-plumed Parakeet, Gray-breasted Mountain-Toucan, Sword-billed Hummingbird, Hooded Mountain Tanager, Red-hooded Tanager, Dusky Piha, Chestnut-breasted Chlorophonia, Andean Siskin, White-capped Tanager, Tolima Dove, Tolima Blossomcrown, Yellow-headed Brush-Finch, Indigo capped Hummingbird, Agile Tit-Tyrant,  Scrub Tanager and many more. Night in Ibague Hotel

  • DAY 4: Doima Road & Laguna del Hato

Early birding along Doima Road at north of Ibague city. In the afternoon we will transfer to Mariquita village (Laguna del Hato) and we will transfer to Rio Claro Reserve. Birds of the days: Lance-tailed Manakin, Blue-ground Dove, Pileated Finch, Crested Bobwhite, Pearl Kite, Ruddy Ground-Dove, Common Ground-Dove, Yellow-crowned Parrot, Dwarf Cuckoo, White-collared Swift, Short-tailed Swift, Barred Puffbird, Western Slaty-Antshrike, White-fringed Antwren, Jet Antbird, Vermilion Flycatcher, Fork-tailed Flycatcher, Panama Flycatcher, Scrub Greenlet, Pale-breasted thrush, Buff-breasted Wren, Rufous-capped Warbler, Buff-rumped Warbler, White-eared Conebill, Plain-colored Tanager, Grassland Sparrow, Slate-coloured, Ruddy-breasted, Gray, and Yellow-bellied Seedeater, Blue-black Grassquit, Velvet-fronted Euphonia, Apical Flycatcher and many more.

  • DAY 5: Rio Claro Nature Reserve

We will bird all day along Rio Claro Reserve for: Citron-throated Toucan, Black-bellied Wren, Black-headed Tody-Flycatcher, Marble Wood Quail, Chestnut-backed Antbird, Stripe-throated Hermit, Ruby Topaz, Purple-crowned Fairy, Western White-tailed Trogon, Pied Puffbird, Barred Puffbird, White-whiskered Puffbird, Cinnamon Woodpecker, Jet Antbird, Pacific Antwren, Brown-capped Tyrannulet, Southern Bentbill, Long-tailed Tyrant, Rufous Piha, Blue Cotinga, Black-chested Jay, Rufous Wren, Scarlet-browned Tanager, Plain-coloured Tanager, Golden-hooded Tanager, White-ear Conebill, Slate-colored Seedeater, Thick-billed Seed Finch, Large-bellied Seed Finch, Masked Yellowthroat, Orange-crowned Oriole, Fulvous-vented Euphonia, White-mantled Barbet, Sooty-ant Tanager, Colombia Chachalaca, Beautifull Woodpeacker,  Magdalena Antbird, Antioquia Bristle-Tyrant, Saffron-headed Parrot, Moustached Brush-Finch and many more.

  • DAY 6: Rio Claro Reserve-Paujil Reserve

Today we will do some birding along Rio Claro Reserve and then we will transfer to Paujil Reserve in Serrania de las Quinchas; on the road we will do some stops for some birds of Magdalena Savannahs. birds of the day: Black-capped Donacobius, Blue and Yellow Macaw, Chestnut-fronted Macaw, Large-billed Seed-Finch, Red-breasted Blackbird, Rufescens Tiger-Heron, White-throated Crake, Long-winged Harrier, Laughing Falcon, Northern Screamer and many more. 

  • Day 7: El Paujil Nature Reserve

Today we will bird along Paujil Reserve and curassow feeders. We will walk inside the humid tropical forest of Magdalena Valley and the amazing border of Ermitaño River. We will do some owling on the main road to Paujil. Birds of the day: Black-breasted Puffbird, Choco Screech-Owl, Chestnut-mandible Toucan, Marble Wood-Quail, White-fronted Nunbird, White-breasted Wood-Wren, White-thighed Swallow, Buff-throated Foliage-gleaner, Chestnut-winged Foliage-gleaner, White-tailed Trogon, Black-tailed Trogon, Scaly-throated Leaftoser, Bicolored Antbird, Blue-lored Antbird, Bare-crowned Antbird, Black Antshirke, Cinnamon Woodpecker, Collared Aracari, White-wiskered Puffbird, Purple-crowned Fairy, Rufous-breasted Hermit, Ruby-Topaz Hummingbird, Blue-billed Curassow, Black-billed Flycatcher, Scarlet-browed Tanager and many more 

  • DAY 8: Birding Paujil Reserve - San Vicente

Birding along Paujil Reserve and then we will go to San Vicente de Chucuri, a village in Eastern Andes close to Yariguies national Park and Cerulean Warbler Reserve. We will do some stops on the road for some target species in the lowland wetlands of Magdalena Valley. Some birds: Bare-faced Ibis, White-collared Hawk, Yellow-crowned, Orange-winged and Blue-headed Parrot, Little Blue, Capped, Cocoi and Striated Heron, Black-bellied and White-faced Whistling Duck and many more.       

  • DAY 9: Cerulean Warbler Reserve & Yariguies National Park

Early birding along Yariguies National Park and the forest of Cerulean Warbler Reserve for the morning and in the afternoon we will come back to San Vicente de Chucuri. Birds of the day: Long-tailed Tapaculo, Andean Emerald, Highland Tinamou, Mustached Puffbird, Red-headed Barbet, Crimson-rumped Toucanet, Spotted Barbtail, White-bellied Antpitta, Ochre-breasted Antpitta, Yellow-throated Spadebill, White-throated Spadebill, Green and black Fruiteater, Pavonine Cuckoo, Golden-wing Manakin, Rufous-naped Brush Finch, Uniform Antshirke, Chestnut-crowned Gnateater, Gorgeted Wood Quail, Black Inca, Parkers Antbird, Magdalena Tapaculo, Colombia Mountain-Grackle, Double-banded Greytail and many more.

  • DAY 10: Coffee Fields San Vicente de Chucuri - Ocaña

Morning Birding along the coffee fields of san Vicente de Chucuri and the road to “La Germania” spot. In the afternoon we go to Ocaña. Some important birds this day are: Russet-crowned Crake, Orange-billed Nightingale-Thrush, Slaty Spinetail, Cinereous Becard, Bicoloured Wren, Band-back Wren, Sooty-headed Tyrannulet, Striped Cuckoo, Lemon-rumped Tanager, Large-billed Seed-Finch, Lineated Woodpecker, Rufous-naped Greenlet and many north migrant as Morning, Yellow, Cerulean, Blue-winged, Black and White, Blackburninan and Bay-breasted Warbler, Chestnut-bellied Hummingbird, Niceforos Wren, Turquoise Dacnis, Red-billed Emerald, Bar-crested Antshirke, Yellow-browed Shirke-Vireo and many more.           

  •  DAY 11: Bushbird Reserve

Today we will concentrate in the bamboo, secondary and dry forest along Bushbird Reserve. We will come back to Ocaña late afternoon. Some very nice birds include: Streak Spinetail, Lined Quail-Dove, Klages Antbird, Chestnut-bellied Thrush, Orange-billed Nightingale-thrush, White-bibbed Manakin, Band tailed Guan, Chestnut-capped Brush-Finch, Black-headed Tanager, Burnished-buff Tanager, Speckled Tanager, Yellow-legged Thrush, Moustached Puffbird, Yellow-bellied Siskin, Cliff Flycatcher, Recurved-billed Bushbird, Grey-throated Warbler and many more.

  •  DAY 12: El Cauca Location - Valledupar

Early birding to  El Cauca location searching for target species and several others. In the afternoon we will birdig on our way to Valledupar city. Birds of the day: Painted (Todds) Parakeet, Golden-wing Sparrow, Lance-tailed Manakin, Ruby Topaz Hummingbird, Red-legged Honeycreeper, Black-faced Dacnis, Rosy-thrush Tanager, Black-faced Tanager, Rufous and white Wren, Rufous-naped Greenlet, Red-billed Scythebill, Pearly-vented Tody-Tyrant, White-whiskered Spinetail and many more.

  •  DAY 13: Perija Mountains

We will start early morning to Perija, which is one of the most mythic and unexplored place of Colombia. We will search birds on the grassland of Perija at 3,600 meters elevations close to the border with Venezuela. After full day birding we will back to Valledupar. Birds of the day: Hooded-Mountain Tanager, Rufous-breasted Flycatcher, Klages Antbird, Crested Quetzal, Maroon-chested Ground-Dove, Fulvous-headed Tanager, Crested Oropendola, Viole-chested Hummingbird, Dusky Parrot, Perija Antpitta, Phelps Brush-Finch, Perija Tapaculo, Perija Metaltail, Perija Thistletail, Perija Brush-Finch and many more.

  • DAY 14: Perija Mountains, transfer to Riohacha

Today we will bird along the medium elevations of Perija Mountains for full morning and in the afternoon we will go to Riohacha city in Guajira peninsula. 

  • DAY 15: Flamencos National Park

Early birding along Flamencos National Park and then we will go to Santa Marta city and VALE location for the endemic Chestnut winged Chacalaca and several others species. birds for today: Vermilion Cardinal, Harris’s Hawk, Common Black-Hawk, Pearl Kite, Aplomado Falcon, American Kestrel, Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl, Bare-eyed Pigeon, Common and Ruddy ground-dove, Brown-throated and Blue-crowned parakeet, Green-rumped Parrotlet, Burrowing Owl, Red-billed Emerald, Buffy Hummingbird, Rufous-tailed Jacamar, Blue-crowned Motmot, Russet-throated Puffbird, Red-crowned Woodpecker, Straight-billed Woodcreeper, Caribbean Hornero, Pale-breasted Spinetail, Black-crested and Black-backed antshrike, White-fringed Antwren, Northern Scrub-Flycatcher, Southern Beardless-Tyrannulet, Pale-eyed Pygmy-Tyrant, Pearly-vented Tody-Tyrant, Vermilion Flycatcher, Brown-crested and Venezuelan flycatcher, Streaked Flycatcher, Social Flycatcher, Bicolored Wren, Black-chested Jay, Tropical Gnatcatcher, Tropical Mockingbird, Scrub Greenlet, Blue-gray and Glaucous tanager, Black-faced Grassquit, Pileated Finch, Grayish, Buff-throated and Orinocan Saltator, Saffron Finch, Yellow Oriole, Chestnut Piculet, White-whiskered Spinetail, Slender-billed Tyrannulet,Tocuyo sparrow and many more.

  • DAY 16: Minca and birding to Dorado Lodge

Morning birding along Minca area and feeders. After lunch we will go up to El Dorado Reserve. Birds for today: Black Hawk-Eagle, Crested Bobwhite, Military Macaw, Scarlet-fronted and Orange-chinned Parakeet, Red-billed Parrot, White-tipped Dove, Lined Quail-Dove, White-collared and Chestnut-collared swift, Blue-fronted Lancebill, Green Violetear, Brown Violetear, White-vented Plumeleteer, Steely-vented Hummingbird, Collared Aracari, Keel-billed Toucan, Golden-olive, Lineated and Crimson-crested Woodpecker, Black-backed Antshrike, Greenish and Forest Elaenia, Yellow-olive and Ochre-faced (Yellow-breasted) flycatcher, Ochre-bellied Flycatcher, Black-headed Tody-Flycatcher, Social and Piratic flycatcher, Cinereous, Cinnamon and White-winged becard, Masked Tityra, Rufous-breasted and Rufous-and-white wren, Yellow-legged, Black-hooded, Pale-breasted, and Black-billed thrush, Black-chested Jay, Golden-fronted Greenlet, Brown-capped Vireo, Orange-billed Nightingale-Thrush, Rusty Flowerpiercer, Bay-headed, Black-headed, Black-capped, Blue-gray, Palm, White-lined and Crimson-backed Tanager, Streaked and Grayish saltator, Golden-winged Sparrow, Yellow-bellied Seedeater, Yellow-backed Oriole, Crested Oropendola and Thick-billed Euphonia.  During the northern winter months these foothills harbor a good number of North American breeding migrants including Swainsons Thrush, Yellow-throated Vireo, Tennessee, Golden-winged, Cerulean, Blackburnian, and Black-throated Green warbler, Rose-breasted Grosbeak and Summer Tanager, Santa Marta Blossomcrown, Santa Marta Foliage-gleaner, Santa Marta Tapaculo, Santa Marta Antbird; Santa Marta Sabrewing, Santa Marta Wood-Wren, Santa Marta Brush-Finch Near-En, Coppery Emerald, Streak-capped Spinetail and many more.

 DAY 17: San Lorenzo Ridge, Dorado Reserve – Santa Marta Mountains

We will have all day birding along San Lorenzo Ridge and Dorado Reserve. Birds for today: White-rumped Hawk, Band-tailed Guan, Sickle-winged Guan, Band-tailed Pigeon, Scarlet-fronted Parakeet, Red-billed Parrot, Masked Trogon, Golden-olive Woodpecker, Yellow-billed (Groove-billed) Toucanet, Emerald Toucanet, Montane Foliage-gleaner, Spotted Barbtail, Streaked Xenops, Gray-throated Leaftosser, Strong-billed Woodcreeper, Rusty-breasted Antpitta, Rufous Antpitta, Mountain Elaenia, Black-capped Tyrannulet, Venezuelan and White-throated Tyrannulet, Olive-striped Flycatcher, Black-throated Tody-Tyrant, Cinnamon Flycatcher, Yellow-bellied Chat-Tyrant, Golden-breasted Fruiteater, Orange-billed and Slaty-backed Nightingale-thrush, Great Thrush, Black-hooded Thrush, Slate-throated Redstart, Three-striped Warbler, White-sided Flowerpiercer, Blue-naped Chlorophonia, Santa Marta Parakeet, Santa Marta Screech-Owl, White-tailed Starfrontlet, Santa Marta Woodstar, Rusty-headed Spinetail, Santa Marta Antpitta, Brown-rumped Tapaculo,Santa Marta Bush-Tyrant, Yellow-crowned Whitestar, White-lored Warbler, Santa Marta Warbler; Santa Marta (Black-cheeked) Mountain-Tanager, Black-backed Thornbill, Colombian Nevada Brush-Finch, Bangs Wood-Wren, Black-fronted Wood-Quail, White-tipped Quetzal and many more

  • DAY 18: El Dorado Reserve - Barranquilla

We will have full morning birding along Dorado Reserve for some missing species. Then we will go to Barranquilla late afternoon.

  •  DAY 19: Km 4 and Salamanca National Park - Flight to Bogota

Early start birding along Salamanca National Park and a birding spot km 4. Birds for today: Sapphire-throated Hummingbird, Bicoloured Conebill, Pied Puffbird, Golden-green Woodpecker, Yellow-chinned Spinetail, Stripe-backed Wren, Russet-throated Puffbird, Caribbean Hornero, Green, Bare-faced- Glossy and White Ibis, Limpkin, Blue-winged Parrotlet, Cattle Tyrant, Savanna Hawk, Snail Kite, Lage-billed Tern, Sapphire-bellied Hummingbird and many more.  

Have a great birding!

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