Peru Hummingbirds 16 days

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  • DAY 1: Arrive to lima

We will welcome to you and transfer to our hotel selected.

  • DAY 2: Flight to Cusco

Mording flight from lima to cusco. There we will be welcome and be transfer to our first place Huacarpay Lake for: Giant Hummingbird, Bearded Mountanier, Black-tailed and Green-tailed Trainbearer and for sure we will find other kind of birds for sure. Then we will head up to sacred valley to visit Emisfera Camp feeding station where we will find: Sword-billed Hummingbird, Great Sapphirewing, White-tufted Sunbean, Bearded Mountanier, white-bellied Woodstart recently seen there. Night in Ollantaytambo Hotel.

  • DAY 3: Machu Picchu and Hummers

Erly train ride to Aguas Calientes which us the entrance of Machu Picchu Ruin. We will enjoin the the inca site for some hours in the morning watching also some humminbirds around: White-bellied Hummingbird, Green & White Hummingbid, Collared Inca (South sp), Long-tailed Sylph, Speckled Humminbird, Violet-fronted Startfronlet and other species. Then we will back to Ollantaytmbo in Afternoon. Night in Hotel.

  • DAY 4: Birding up to Peñas, Abra Malaga, Ipal

Morning drive up to peñas looking for more species at this location: White-tufted Sunbean, Purple-backed Thornbill, Scaled Metaltail, Mountian Velvebreast, Great Sapphirewing, Tyrian Metaltail and others. Then we will keep searching up tp 4,500 mts for: Andean Hillstart, Olivaceous Thornbill at this hig elavation. The road continue to east slope of the mountains where we will search for Swallow-tailed Hummingbird and many others endemci species found along the valley. We will back late afternoon to Cusco hotel. 

  • DAY 5: Birding Manu Road

We will drive to the most popular road in the world for several species on our list. We will start to get the upper road at 3,400 mts which is the entrance of Manu National Park. There the road start to go down slowy showing several kinds of habitats for several more species of birds and hummingbirds for sure. We will descend to 1500 mts to our first lodge located at manu road. We will search for: Shining Sunbean, Rufous-Capped Thornbill, Green-fronted Brilliant, Peruvian Piedtail, Green Hermit, Collared Inca, Bronzy Inca, wedge-billed Hummingbird (Geoffroys Daggerbill), Wire-crested Thorntail, Many-spotted Humminbird and many others. Night in Lodge

  • DAY 6: Full day Manu road & Feeders

Today we will explore the along manu road searching for more species and also enjoin the feeders near the lodge. Night in Lodge

  • DAY 7: Drive up to Cusco

We will spend time on the feeders and the garden surrouding the lodge and then head up to the mountians again on our way to cusco. Night in Hotel

  • DAY 8: Flight to Lima - Santa Eulalia

Morning flight to Lima and then we will start or next birding area along central andes from lima. It will be gradually again driving the mountains untill 4,100 mts. we will look for: Amazilia Hummingbird, Purple-Collared Woodstart, Peruvian Sheartail, Black Metaltail, Fire-throated Mataltail, Bronze-Tailed Comet, Black-breastes Hillstar and many other species along the road. Night in Hotel.

  • DAY 9: Santa Eullalia - Lima - Tarapoto

Today we will search for some missing species or better view along the road and flowers. We will arrive in the afternoon to Lima airport for our flight to Tarapoto. Night in Hotel

  • DAY 10: Koepckes Hermit - Cordillera Escalera

Morning visit cordiellera escalera reserve and the hermit feeding station for he rest f the day. We will search for: Pink-throated Brilliant, Koepckeps hermit, Neddle-billed Hermit, Brown Violetear, Gray-breasted Sabrewing, Gouls Jewelfront, Black-throated Mango, White-necked Jacobin and many others according the season. Then we will back in the afternoon to tarapoto. Night in hotel

  • DAY 11: Waqanki Feeding station (Moyobamba)

Mornign drive to Moyobamba Town where is located the orchid garden with hummingbird fedeers. There we will spend our day around the area. Dinner in Waqanki. This place we will provide us: Rufous-crested Coquette, Blue-tailed Emerald, Sapphire-Spangled Emerald, Golden-tailed Sapphire, Rufous-breasted Hermit, Black-throated Hermit, long-tailed Hermit among others

  • DAY 12: Arena Blanca Station, Afluente, Alto Nieva

Early start our drive to Aguas verdes for: Blue-fronted Lancebill, Amethyst Woodstart, reddish Hermit, Napo Sabrewing, Black-eared Fairy many others. Then we will visit afluente for Ecuadorian Piedtail, Green Hermit. Then we will keep birding along to Alto Nieva for: Greenish Puffleg, Royal Sunangel,Booted  Raquetail, Violet-headed Brilliant, Rufous-vented whitetip, Amethyst-throated Sunangel and after we will arrive to Owlet (Abra Patricia). Nigh in lodge.

  • DAY 13: Full day along the area and fedeers

Today we will enjoin the fedeers around the lodge for: Emerald-bellied Puffleg, Sapphire-vented Puffleg, White-bellied Woodstar, Fawn-breasted Brilliant, Collared Inca, Mountain Avocetbill and then we wil search for some missing species or not seen well day before. Night in Lodge

  • DAY 14: Drive to Huembo - Jaen

We will go to huembo center for: Marvelous Spatuletail, Chestnut-breasted Coronet, Little Woodstart, Black-tailed Trainbear, Andean Emerald, White-Bellied Hummingbird, Sparkling, Lesser Violetear, Purple-throated Sunangel and other ones. Then we will start our birding drive to Jaen. Night in Hotel.

  • DAY 15: Birding drive to Olmos

We will do some irdig before we head to Olmos where we wil explore for: Spot-throated Hummbird, Tumbes Hummingbird, Short-tailed Woodstart, Oasis Hummingbird,  Tawny-bellied hermt, Gray-chinned Hermit and many others. Night in Olmos.

  • DAY 16: Birding and flight to Lima

Today we will do some birding for some missing species and then we will head to Chiclayo for our fligh to Lima.

Peru Birding Web
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ACCOMODATION Comfortable places with private toilet, hot water with Wifi
EASY OF BIRDING Easy to moderate with some challenging species
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Peru Birding Web
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