About us


Welcome to Peru Birding Tours & Nature Birding, join us for a wonderful & unforgettable holiday

In 2010, Omar Diaz Villalobos. founded PERU BIRDING TOURS EIRL which is a Tour Agency company created by Peruvian regulations with nothing more than one inspiration and a burning desire to create an authentic, sustainable travel experience by offering birding, photography, and nature tours in Peru. After some years the only thing that has not changed is his core values: He loves nature & birding, leads with service, do the right thing & more, embraces the bizarre, and makes happiness & community which inspire him to keep organizing tours with some time for teaching about neotropical birds and conservation along his birding way. In 2023 designed a new project and updated his website to NATURE BIRDING with the same idea of organizing nature & birding tours in the Americas and probably other continents in the future. Join Us for your wonderful holiday!

Peru Birding Tours & Birding Nature-headquarter is located in Puerto Maldonado. But we have business partners in Lima, Cusco, and all over Peru and the rest of South America. We offer custom and fixed-dates tours and we promote conservation and environmental education with responsible ecotourism for the benefit of the areas we run our tours. We designed our tours by choosing the best birding areas, and lodges with excellent accommodations providing private transportation according to the group size.

PBT has been spreading in the last years offered at other locations: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Panama, and Costa Rica, and probably with more destinations in the future not too far.


We have been organizing trips for more than 10 years leaden small, private, and international agencies, and bird club groups from all over the world. We learned by listening to our travelers and giving them what they want: Smaller groups, booking & travel with confidence, building to support local communities, flexible itinerary, fun & freedom to explore, safety and peace of mind, and locally-based guides on how to show you, your destination in a way you had to miss traveling any other way.


When you book one of our tours we use part of the profits to promote conservation through lessons about birdwatching and tourism, in general, two times a year according to our disponibility. We usually organize for students from high schools and universities along with several locations in Peru. Thanks to the birding lessons we have some on our guides team. We designed some small bird plates for Tambopata and other birding spots and we hope to make a complete bird guide in time also promote conservation using local restaurants, hotels, lodges, and guides according to the birding area on our way running the tours and we can assure they provide great services in general.

We all do it with some of the profits that we get from our tours and we do it with a good feeling because we like to help also those who need it and not only for business.

NOTE: if you want to help with some donation for a local school, community, nature reserve, or any recommendation, you are more than welcome, Just let us know in advance, please to omardiaz-birding@perubirdingtours.com